Hello, my name is Julia Conzon...

I'm interested in leveraging geographic information, conducting spatial analyses, and developing data products with a community-led approach! As my education and work are multi-disciplinary, one of my goals is to help bridge the gap between social and technical perspectives through a critical lens.

I have worked on several projects with various clients on a diverse range of topics as a freelance open data consultant and full-stack web developer. Through my experiences, I have extensive knowledge on open [spatial] data standards and platforms; moreover, I can build web apps, maps, and information portals to facilitate decision-making.

Currently I am working at Employment and Social Development Canada as a senior geographic data scientist. Here I support evidence-based decision making through the following: (1) researching and devising advanced geospatial techniques (e.g., calculating spatial accessibility for identifying underserved areas); (2) designing and developing software and web apps to host statistical, analytical, and machine learning models; and (3) educating internally and externally on how to leverage geographic data with open source tools (FOSS4G).

Humantay Lake, Peru (4200 m)