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JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, pug, ~React


RESTful API, Node.js, Express, ~PHP, ~Python


Vector and raster data

Esri products (e.g., ArcMap), QGIS, OpenStreetMap (iD, JOSM), GDAL, Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox JS, Mapbox Studio, Leaflet, PostGIS, Google Maps API, other open-source geospatial tech

Data Science

Data: json, geojson, shp, (satellite) imagery, csv, kml, osm xml/pbf

Data Mgmt: SQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, ArcGIS gdb

Data Analytics: R, D3.js, ~Python, ~Stata, GeoDa

Digital Comms

GitHub, Stack Overflow, GIS Stack Exchange, OpenStreetMap (OSM), Twitter Streaming API


  • Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) (January 2018)

  • Mapbox (July - December 2017)
  • Data Team Intern

    • OSM data validation and tooling with Node.js
    • JOSM armchair mapping
    • OSM community organization (e.g., planning workshops, presentations). Check out my post on Mapbox's "Points of Interest" blog
    • English teaching
    • Data visualizations with JS/React and Mapbox GL JS (e.g., Crimecouver and BC2020 Mapathons)

  • Statistics Canada (February - June 2017)
  • Data Production and Dissemination Officer

    • Reached out to local communities to engage in contributing OSM data
    • Spatially managed and analyzed government business data
    • Researched and designed a mobile crowdsourcing web app
    • Collected, managed, analyzed, and visualized large spatial (osm/pbf, geojson, shp) datasets
    • Developed a spatial server: PostGIS -> Node.js back-end -> GeoJSON RESTful API -> web app & map. Code can be seen here
    • Advised on open data licensing
    • Developed R code for monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing OSM data
    • Supported open-source code and data, and contributed back via GitHub
    • Researched and developed a methodology to assess the quality of OSM data. Research can be seen here
    • Collected and managed a Postgres/PostGIS database for quality assurance

  • Open Data Consultant & Full-Stack Web Developer (August 2016 - June 2017)
  • Front-end web development for Open North and Publish What You Pay Canada. Collected and managed a database of payments to government organizations from resource extraction companies; and, with the data, designed and developed an interactive Mapbox.js map and D3.js dashboard web app. Check out the visualization here.

    Back-end and front-end development for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Government Excellence. Designed with SASS, managed data with Postgres, and developed a Node.js web app hosted on Heroku that served an open data standards directory. Check out the site here.

    Experienced handling various administrative data from various sources.

    Designed and developed UI/UX templates for maps, websites, data portals.

  • Geothink (May - August 2016)
  • Research Assistant

    Research assistant for Geothink’s Civic Open Data Standards project. I (i) assessed Canadian municipal datasets and open data portals; (ii) designed with Bootstrap and developed a JavaScript web app to host a catalog of open data standards; and, (iii) designed, conducted, and transcribed semi-structured telephone surveys. Code can be seen here.


Bachelor of Arts at McGill University (Graduated with Distinction)

  • Major: Geography; Minors: Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Anthropology
  • Activities: Big Buddies Tutoring (2015); Drive Safe (2013); McGill Varsity Soccer Team (2012-2013); Maptime MTL (2015-2016)
  • Projects:
    • With Python, mined thousands of georeferenced tweets and then managed, analyzed, and visualized the spatial and temporal
    • Developed a front-end JavaScript web app that automatically crowdsourced, geocoded, and visualized spatially-referenced data
    • Developed a web app that automatically scraped, standardized, and mapped Kijiji real-estate postings
    • Designed an online survey, coded the data, and then spatially predicted where new dumpsters should be located in Montreal
    • Ran a cost distance analysis that identified a new hiking path in North Vancouver