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CSS, SASS, frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize)

Front-end Dev

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, pug, ~React

Back-end Dev

Node.js + Express, Python + Flask


Vector and raster data

Tools for Engineering + Analyses/Analytics: QGIS, OpenStreetMap (iD, JOSM), GDAL, PostGIS, Esri products (e.g., ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcOnline), other open-source geospatial libraries/packages/software

Tools for Mapping Services: Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet (R or JS), Google Maps API

Data Science

Data: json, geojson, shp, (satellite) imagery, tiff, csv, kml, osm xml/pbf, R/Python data frames, sas7bdat, unstructured text (tweets, free text)

Data Mgmt: SQLite, PostgreSQL(+PostGIS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

Data Analytics: R, Python, Stata, GeoDa, SAS

Data Visualizations: D3.js, R Shiny Apps + Plotly + Leaflet, Tableau, PowerBI


Architecture: Client-server (RESTful API), Pipline, Database-centric, Event-driven

Environment: package/library mgmt (pip, conda, R), version control (git, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)


  • January 2018 - Present

    [Geographic] Data Scientist at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  • July - December 2017

    Data Intern at Mapbox
    • Remote mapped on OpenStreetMap (OSM) with JOSM and iD Editor.
    • Developed Node.js based validators to assess the quality of OSM data.
    • Developed data visualizations from OSM data and administrative data with Mapbox GL JS and React (e.g., Crimecouver and BC2020 Mapathons).
    • Organized nation-wide multi-stakeholder workshops (e.g., Building Canad 2020) as well as local community events. Check out my post on Mapbox's "Points of Interest" blog.
    • Taught English through running daily lessons to learn reading and writing, as well as immersive activities to improve listening and speaking.
  • February - June 2017

    Geographic Data Scientist at Statistics Canada
    • Communicated and maintained engagement with stakeholders for Statistics Canada first crowdsourcing project.
    • Collected, managed, monitored, analyzed and visualized large administative and crowdsourced spatial datasets with R and Python.
    • Researched and designed a mobiled crowdsourcing web app as well as a method to quality assure crowdsourced building footprint data.
    • Developed a spatial server with PostGIS and Node.js for quality assurance adn web mapping services. Code can be seen here.
    • Advised internal stakeholders on open data licensing and open source software.
  • August 2016 - June 2017

    Open Data Consultant & Full-Stack Web Developer

    To increase transparency on where and what different resource extraction companies are paying organizations across Canada, I was tasked to develop a real-time interactive map dashboard for Open North and Publish What You Pay Canada. To accomplish this, I collected and managed a database of payments to government organizations from extraction companies; and, with the data, designed and developed an interactive Mapbox.js map and D3.js dashboard web app. Check out the visualization here.

    To increase the adoption of open data standards and to ultimately improve interoperabiltiy across different civic datasets, I was tasked to develop a website for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Government Excellence. I designed and developed the user interface, managed data with a PostgreSQL database, and developed a Node.js web app hosted on Heroku. Check out the site here.

  • May - August 2016

    Research Assistant at Geothink

    Research assistant for Geothink’s Civic Open Data Standards project. I (1) assessed Canadian municipal datasets and open data portals; (2) designed and developed a web app to host a catalog of open data standards; and (3) designed, conducted, and transcribed semi-structured telephone surveys. Code can be seen here.


  • 2012 - 2016

    Bachelor of Arts at McGill University (Graduated with Distinction)

    Major: Geography; Minors: Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Anthropology

    Activities: Big Buddies Tutoring (2015); Drive Safe (2013); McGill Varsity Soccer Team (2012-2013); Maptime MTL (2015-2016)


    • With Python, mined thousands of georeferenced tweets and then managed, analyzed, and visualized the spatial and temporal
    • Developed a front-end JavaScript web app that automatically crowdsourced, geocoded, and visualized spatially-referenced data
    • Developed a web app that automatically scraped, standardized, and mapped Kijiji real-estate postings
    • Designed an online survey, coded the data, and then spatially predicted where new dumpsters should be located in Montreal
    • Ran a cost distance analysis that identified a new hiking path in North Vancouver