Julia Conzon

Hello, my name is Julia Conzon

Image of Julia Conzon

I am from North Vancouver. I was taught at a young age about observing my surroundings, learning to recognize the complex connection we have to each other and the Earth. I am continuously striving to unlearn and learn other perspectives to better conceptualize place and space. I work closely with partners to develop technological solutions that aim to better understand and support our diverse social and environmental landscape, such as identifying how to better offer social services or monitoring a certain environmental phenomenon. Though technology can offer opprotunities to better serve people and protect the environment, it needs to be designed and built critically and ethically. This is what I hope to achieve through my work.

Technical Skills


CSS, SASS, and frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize, Materialize Design Boostrap)

Front-end Dev

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, React, and templating (Pug, Jinja)

Back-end Dev

Node.js + Express, Python + Flask


Data: shp, osm xml/pbf, geojson, wkt, wkb, images (geotiff, jpg, png), imagery (Landsat, Sentinel-2), kml, GPS tracks

Geospatial processing and analysis: QGIS, OpenStreetMap (iD, JOSM), GDAL, PostGIS, Esri products (e.g., ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcOnline), GeoServer, Valhalla, OpenRouteServices, other open-source geospatial libraries/software (e.g., R and Python packages like rgdal and geopandas)

Web mapping: Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet (R, Folium, or JS), Google Maps API, OpenLayers, D3.js

Data Science

Data: json, geojson, shp, (satellite) imagery, tiff, csv, kml, osm xml/pbf, R/Python data frames, sas7bdat, unstructured text (tweets, free text)

Mgmt: SQLite, PostgreSQL(+PostGIS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

Analytics & Machine Learning: R, Python (e.g., Keras, TensorFlow), Stata, GeoDa, SAS

Visualizations: D3.js, R Shiny Apps + Plotly + Leaflet, Tableau, PowerBI


Architecture: client-server (RESTful API), pipline, database-centric, event-driven

Environment: package/library mgmt (npm, pip, conda, R), version control (git, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)