Julia Conzon

Hello, my name is Julia Conzon

Image of Julia Conzon

Raised in the mountains of North Vancouver and the British Columbian Kootenays, I was taught at a young age to observe my surroundings. I learned to recognize the complex interconnections between society and the environment and seek new perspectives to better understand it. Working and engaging with partners across government, academic, private, and non-profit sectors, I have continuously sought to better conceptualize place and space through co-producing user-focused (and communinty-led) geographic information systems. I’ve contributed to disaster mapping events, trained hunters on how to use GPS devices for monitoring, built models of spatial accessibility, and led a community crowdsourcing program across Canada. I believe the utility of technology extends only to the limits of its accessibility, so I always aim to design and develop products and services through a critical and equity-focused lens.


Technical Skills


CSS, SASS, and frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize, Materialize Design Boostrap)

Front-end Dev

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, React, and templating (Pug, Jinja)

Back-end Dev

Node.js + Express, Python + Flask

GIS & Remote Sensing

Data: ESRI Shapefiles, OSM XML/PBF, GeoJSON, WKT, WKB, GeoTIFF, satellite imagery (Landsat, Sentinel-2), KML, GPX

Processing and analysis: QGIS, OpenStreetMap (iD, JOSM), GDAL, PostGIS, ESRI products (e.g., ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcOnline), GeoServer, Valhalla, OpenRouteServices, other open-source geospatial libraries/software (e.g., R and Python packages like rgdal, rasterio, keras, and geopandas)

Web mapping: Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet (R, Folium, or JS), Google Maps API, OpenLayers, D3.js, OGC WMS/WFS/WPS

Data Science

Data: JSON, GeoJSON, CSV, Grids, Multi-Dimensional Matrices / Data Cubes, sas7bdat, unstructured text (tweets, free text)

Storage: SQLite, PostgreSQL(+PostGIS), Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB

Analytics & Machine Learning: R, Python (e.g., Keras, TensorFlow), Stata, GeoDa, SAS

Visualizations: D3.js, R Shiny Apps, Plotly, Tableau, PowerBI


Architecture: client-server (RESTful API), pipline, database-centric, event-driven

Environment: package/library mgmt (npm, pip, conda, R), version control (git, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)